TRT Testosterone booster

TRT Testosterone booster

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TRT is an all natural testosterone booster. TRT can be used as an all in one post cycle therapy   Or as a natural test booster added to your daily vitamins/supplements. TRT helps your body boost its testosterone naturally while helping secrete the estrogen and keep it under control.


TRT uses unique ingredients like vitamin D3, ashwaganda, maca root, stinging nettle root, tribulus, dim, and many many more! This is one of the strongest, safest, and most natural ways to boost testosterone and lower estrogen production! 

Ingredient list:

Vitamin d3- 1000iu

Ashwagandha- 450mg

Horny goat weed- 200mg

Tribulus- 150mg

Zinc- 10mg

Stinging nettle root-150mg

Maca root- 75mg

Fenugreek- 75mg

Dim- 200mg

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